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Erasmus+ "Spirit of Europe"

Dieser Kurs dient zur Sammlung der Resultate des Erasmus-Projekts "Spirit of Europe" und zur Veröffentlichung als E-Learning-Kurs

PharmD Training

As an independent contractor, it can be hard to work in a new system remotely off site. This training course is designed to walk you through how to put your interpretation and medication breakdown into the system.

Mechanical Engineering - Machine Design

This Course is created as a part of OER Activity during FDP 201x by IIT BombayX,  “Pedagogy for online and Blended Teaching-Learning Process“ This is purely for academic purpose, is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. You are free to u…

Introduction to Logic Design

Number systems, arithmetic operations, decimal codes, alphanumeric codes, Boolean algebra, Karnaugh maps, NAND and NOR gates, exclusive-OR gates, integrated circuits, combinational circuits, decoders, encoders, multiplexers, adders, subtractors , multipliers, sequential circuits, latches, flip-flop…

Professional Learning on Devices

Obj: Participants will complete this module with a greater understanding of both district and self-selected/created professional learning opportunities available through mobile learning devices. EQ: How do I take advantage of district-provided professional learning opportunities through my mobile l…

Creating Video

Obj: Participants will complete this module with a basic understanding of native video apps on mobile devices, iMovie, and the ways these tools can be leveraged for learning and creation. EQ: What video apps do I have on my device? How can I use these to improve teaching? How can I use these to imp…

Digital Repositories for small memory institutions

During this course you will learn how to organize and perform digitisation activities in small memory institution e.g. public library or local museum. This course shows how to digitise cultural heritage objects, how to prepare them for on-line presentation and how to describe them with metadata. Be…

OER CS:Tree- Data Structure using C

This is a STTP on Basics of the non linear data structure, Tree. Definition,  Description,  Creation and Tree Traversal. Image Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Binary_search_tree_example.gif

College Navigation for Adult Learners

A comprehensive professional development course designed to assist educators in successfully navigating adult learners through the college transition process.

Conférence exemple

Espace collaboratif vs conférences FC

American Studies A

This is a five dredit course, American Lit. (2), U.S. History, Government, and Fine Art. In addition to earning five credits, students will prepare for the Indiana 10th Grade Language Arts End of Course Assesment. Students will use primary sourses and American Literature to develope the basic langu…

Plataformas E-learning

Plataformas e-learning, actividades interactivas, etc. 

DMS 130 - Anatomy and Physiology II - LB

---- Ce cours est ouvert et téléchargeable sur Moodle. Nous vous le suggérons en auto-formation. ----