Les Sciences Informatiques

Available courses

GWDA113 - Fundamentals of Web Scripting (CL DSN2043 - Web Scripting)

An introduction to the terms, technologies, trends, and best practices of the interactive design industry. Students design, develop, and upload a simple web site using HTML and basic CSS. The importance of writing valid and semantic code is emphasized. Basic web side production stages and requireme…

An introduction to complex numbers

This unit looks at complex numbers. You will learn how they are defined, examine their geometric representation and then move on to looking at the methods for finding the nth roots of complex numbers and the solutions to simple polynominal equations. ---- Ce cours est ouvert et téléchargeable sur…

Article: Template

---- Ce cours est ouvert et téléchargeable sur Moodle. i_Campus vous le propose en auto-formation. ----

Text Encoding and the TEI

This course introduces the theory and practice of text encoding using the Guidelines of the Text Encoding Initiative. ---- Ce cours est ouvert et téléchargeable sur Moodle. i_Campus vous le propose en auto-formation. ----

Year 8 Databases

We will look at a large database in Excel and then import it into Access to see the different types of searching and sorting that can be done there.This unit will not cover relational aspects of the Access database but will look at queries and form design. ---- Ce cours est ouvert et téléchargeabl…

Messagerie Electronique

Le service de messagerie est le deuxième service le plus populaire sur internet après le service web. Pour ceux d'entre vous qui se demandent comment fonctionne l'e-mail que nous utilisons tous, je propose de le découvrir avec moi, pas à pas. Après une présentation générale de l'architectur…

Python for Beginners 1 - Python Language Basics

This is the introductory course for Python for Beginners.  Please start here if you have no experience coding in Python.  This course is self-paced; you can proceed through the course, but need to complete each unit before moving on to the next unit.

Instalação e Administração do i3Geo

Curso sobre instalação e administração do software i3Geo. O curso aborda as características básicas de instalação e administração do sistema. Ao final os usuários estarão capacitados a gerenciar o funcionamento do software e incluir dados para visualização nos mapas interativos.