Available courses

Where's Matt?

This is a course for students aged around 8 - 10 years old. It serves as an introduction to Google Earth/Google Maps and deals with the Geography of Place. Conditional activities are set so that once the students have watched the video and click the tick, all the activities will then appear. It was…

Climate Change, Bigger than the Science

The audience for this course is University level science students with an interest in climate science and climate change. The aim is to give a broader view of the topic of climate change. ---- Ce cours est ouvert et téléchargeable sur Moodle. i_Campus vous le propose en auto-formation. ----

Global Warming and Climate Change

Welcome to our course on environmental problems. Your and your childrens' future is at risk if we do not change our habits and take action for a better planet. This unit deals with various environmental aspects and you will also meet people who decided to take some action. ---- Ce cours est ouvert …